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Determine your financial need at each of the schools
Estimated cost of attendance (COA) for fall & spring (2 semesters)  
1. Estimated in-state tuition and fees (If you are an in-state graduate student, you will need to change amount to $5,590).  If you are NOT a Florida resident, change amount to $15,970 (For non-resident graduate students change figure to $21,470).

2. Estimated housing/residence hall expense - (Change to $0 if you will be living with a parent or relative while in college).

Rate for most USF residence halls:
Double: $3,108     Single: $4,536

3. Estimated board/meal plan expense - (Change to $1,800 if you will be living with a parent or relative while in college).

Rate for most popular USF meal plans:
Unlimited $3,338  15 meals/week $2,954

4. Estimated books and supplies

5. Other estimated expenses (transportation, personal, etc.)

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The expected family contribution (EFC) is located in the upper right hand corner of the Student Aid Report (SAR) that you received from the federal processor (up to 4 to 6 weeks) after you completed the FAFSA
7. Expected family contribution (EFC) from SAR

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List your financial aid awards from each of the schools
Gift aid is the "free funds" offered to you that you don't have to earn or repay
9. Grants (Pell, SEOG, FSAG, etc.)
10. Scholarships (include Bright Futures)
11. Other (Prepaid tuition, waivers, ROTC, etc.)
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Most aid packages include a self-help expectation from work, loans, and/or family support.
13. Federal work study and part-time earnings
14. Student loans (Stafford, Perkins, etc.)
15. Other family support and parent loans (PLUS)
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Determine the estimated amount you and your family may need to contribute
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19. EFC (from Line 7)

20. Total self-help expected (from line 16)

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If amount is negative, then you need to  reduce the student loan or work study amount